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Sharon is a top quality professional and a highly skilled experienced therapist. She is able to integrate a wide range of therapies such as Bowen/Emmett/Rossiter/Reiki/Massage, Reflexolgy based on your individual need. I have been seeing Sharon for 3 years now due to degenerative discs. I was due to have surgery and had a poor quality of life. With a combination of therapies from Sharon I was able to cancel the surgery and come off all of my medication. She gave me my life back! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sharon for any ailment or just for relaxation and massage. The best around!

Yvonne Spence

 My family and I have been seeing Sharon for various treatments for the past 11 years, from sciatica, frozen shoulder and damaged tendons, to my 3 month old baby being treated for a sternocleidomastoid problem.
We canít rate Sharon highly enough. I have recommended her to numerous family members and friends. Everyone who has been treated by Sharon has been delighted and amazed with the results.
Sharon is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable regarding treatments ie, Aromatherapy, exercise techniques or diet. Sharon will look into problem areas thoroughly and give appropriate information.
Sharon has been an enormous help and great influence to my family over the past decade. We are so grateful and thankful for the help and pain free lives she has given us.
Claire Gorton (Warrington)


"I have suffered from extremely painful feet for over twenty years following injuries and it only took a couple of sessions (Rossiter System, Bowen Therapy and Massage). with Sharon for me to have completely pain free feet and the ability to wear other forms of shoes apart from trainers!!!

She is a wonder and has been helping me with posture and back problems which again I have been battling for years, with some excellent results. Not only is Sharon excellent at her techniques she takes a real interest in any concerns you have about your body and sends me information about recent treatments and global ideas in these techniques, which makes you get more involved with your own treatments. I am so pleased I found Sharon as I now know that I can be pain free and enjoy my long walks in the hills with my dog now, thanks again you are great."
Toni Banyard - (Manchester. .


I just want to tell you that I feel 110% better than when I came to see you this afternoon. I am more supple. I can move my fingers better.  I've got virtually no pain.  Its wonderful.  I've not felt like this for a long time. Hazel Stratford (Widnes. ).

"I was given a special treat from my daughter. It was an appointment for a consultation and treatment with Sharon. My daughter had already made Sharon aware that I have suffered with back pain and chronic migraine for many years. My usual port of call would have been to see the Osteopath which would relieve the back pain temporarily, the same with a Physiotherapist, I have also taken various medications which again have give me temporary pain relief but can honestly say that I have never been pain free.
 My first consultation with Sharon revealed how tense I was. Sharon offered me a full body massage and Bowen Therapy, my body and mind feeling freer and more relaxed following each visit. My 1st introduction to Rossiter was really confusing, having to concentrate on so many things at once but after Rossiter, I can honestly say it was the 1st time in years that I felt pain free regarding my shoulder and migraine problem."
"During my appointments I have picked up many tips from Sharon so I now feel a much better person and I have more energy. The 2nd session of Rossiter was much quicker and I found it easier to remember the locks and movements. A big thank you Sharon". Chris Wynne  Warrington

"I contacted Sharon as I had a trapped nerve in my shoulder and it was getting worse with my thumb and two fingers going numb. I had a consultation with Sharon and she did her Rossiter treatment on me. I went about 3 times and I haven't had a problem with my shoulder since. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sharon as I found her friendly but very professional and efficient."
Ann Burgess Warrington.

"I came to you to try the Bowen technique because osteopathic treatments were not helping my lower back problem at the time. The treatments really helped and made a difference. I came to you recently with sacroiliac pain and I was limping.  I felt something was stuck and that I was putting most of my weight on one side.  You gave me another Bowen treatment and it was amazing. The pain was on my left lower pelvis but when you did the pelvic procedure on the right side and lifted my knee up and then put it down, and I heard a popping sound, followed by a feeling of something releasing. I also saw flickering light with my eyes closed as I have often seen before when the treatment was doing something. After the treatment I was able to walk normally again and have been fine since. Thank you for a wonderful treatment. It was amazing.!" J Reid. Warrington


"Hello Sharon, Just thought I would update you.  I always enjoy your treatments I particularly enjoyed Wednesday.  Everything was fab, the oils and massage (as well as the Rossiter) which seems to have relaxed my tight muscles.  My legs and arms feel a lot slimmer and toned which is very gratifying.  I also felt very stimulated and invigorated, which was great as my job is very tiring as you know.  So looking forward to the next treatment!" A. Finn  Cheshire


"Having had lower back pain on and off for 10 years+ it was reaching the stage that I thought something was seriously wrong with my back as it just seemed to be getting worse and worse. It was interrupting my sleep and I would awake with terrible pain every morning which would subside during the day. Researching the problem on the internet made me think that the cause was degenerative disc disease, because the symptoms were the same as those reporting this condition on many forums I visited.
Over a 5 year period I had appointments with:  2 Osteopaths, a Physiotherapist (totally useless),  and My GP. I had X Rays at the hospital which showed mild wear and tear (spondylosis) but could not see detail of my discs. I know several people who have had invasive surgery and they took ages to recover and still had good days and bad days. One friend has ended up with problems with his neck as a result of having discs removed from his lower back!!! I was worried about this option.

One day I was told about Sharon Emery by one of my clients while I was mending her PC. I went onto Sharon's website and saw words like Holistic, Reiki and Aromatherapy, Bowen.... this made me unsure that Sharon was the right person for my problem as I thought that I needed something like a "Sports Massage", but my gut instinct told me to contact her and find out what she knew.
After emails back and forth I went for a consultation and treatment. Sharon explained that there were many approaches to the same problem and recommended some Massage, Bowen Therapy and also another system called The Rossiter System which specifically stretches the connective tissue.

I thought I understood the reasons why my back hurt based on orthodox medicine and what "experts" had told me, but after chatting with Sharon I realised I was barking up the wrong tree totally! Sharon focused treatment on my legs, not my back!!!.... I was not sure how stretching the connective tissue in my legs could help my back ????  BUT IT DID!
The following day after the treatment,  I awoke later than normal... NO PAIN! I Felt refreshed too. After 3 days my back started to grumble. I revisited for my 2nd treatment and after this I was pain free for over a week.  Its been 4 treatments and 5 weeks now.
I AM PRETTY MUCH FIXED!   I have been hammering my back and legs working on my car recently. Climbing in and out of my inspection pit, getting into all sorts of weird positions and I even stumbled and fell into it at one point, my back twinged and then settled within minutes. I now understand that when connective tissue is shortened and contracted, this causes pain and that by stretching as in the Rossiter System, space is created in the body and the joints are able to relax into their correct alignment.  THANKS SHARON :) You are very good at what you do!"
Jonathan Colling. (PC Help at home). Warrington.   


"After working as a secretary for many years I started to experience pains in my shoulders, after a visit to the doctor and hospital I was told the pain was due to wear and tear on the joints in my neck and shoulders. I went to a physiotherapist for two months which eased it a little but it soon came back. I was a regular swimmer but in the end had to stop as the pain became worse. For many years I lived with the pain and paid visits to osteopaths and more physiotherapist's but nothing worked, in the end I thought I would just have to live with it. Then a work colleague said that I should give Bowen a try and recommended Sharon. Initially I went once a week for three weeks and then once after two weeks. By this time the pain had disappeared completely and I was able to go back to swimming, I also joined a gym. Being free of the pain for the first time was like being given my life back it was a wonderful feeling and enabled me to live a normal life again. It is now five years since that initial treatment and I am grateful to Sharon for giving me the chance to be free of pain and have a better quality of life." J Wood.   Partington, Manchester.


"I have known Sharon for almost 20 years and she is the first person I turn to if I have any health problems...physical or emotional. Invariably she is able to provide the solution. She uses several methods of treatment the Bowen Technique probably the most beneficial. I have recommended her to other family members and several friends who also have full confidence in her. She is very easy to talk to, a good listener and full of sound advice." Betty Glassy. Widnes


"Hi Sharon
First I want to thank you for the treatment I has it worked wonders. I could hardly believe the difference in how I felt the next day. It put me back on track and I have stayed there ever since the thank you so much. Thanks again - Joan" x


"I have been going to Sharon for over 15 years and always feel so much better after a treatment. Several of my family and friends have been on my recommendation for various problems and all have been very satisfied. She keeps up to date with the latest alternative methods and goes on courses to widen her knowledge. She will combine various treatments to suit a particular problem - you name it, she seems to be able to help or even cure it!" Mrs J Worrall.   Warrington


"My wife and I have attended Sharon Emery for many years She is a consummate and dedicated professional in all aspects of the spectrum of expertise she offers.
We have complete trust in the treatment judgements she makes and her holistic approach is an essential element of her overall treatment philosophy."  G Brown. Cheshire


"Hello Sharon, thanks for your treatment last week.  I'm free of sacroiliac pain and the limping has totally gone and my calves and ankles feel looser and free now, although lots of clicks and cracks happened as the treatment settled out and everything went back into place.  My stress levels have dropped considerably. My boss said when I walked into work on Monday..."I know where you've been! To Sharon's".  I feel refreshed  and de-stressed!"  S Ryder. Manchester.


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