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The power of light energy



Reiki means "universal life energy" and is an ancient system of healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism.  It was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui from ancient Sanskrit texts.

Unseen energy known as ‘chi’ is flowing through all living things and for thousands of years it has been used by many cultures for healing.  Now, scientists are exploring the possibilities of how this energy is affective for healing physical and emotional disorders and improving the functioning of the immune system.

In the practice of Reiki, God-consciousness called Rei  guides the life force called Ki in the healing practice we call Reiki. 


Ki– The life force Reiki is spiritually guided life energy.


Reiki A Religion?

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It will work whether you believe in it or not and it has no dogma. You do not have to believe in anything in order to learn and use it. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all.  Reiki comes from a higher power and many people find that using Reiki puts them more in touch with the experience of their own religion rather than having only an intellectual concept of it.

Life force energy has been given many names by the various cultures such as ki (Japanese), chi (Chinese), Prana (Sanskrit) and Ti or Ki in Hawaiian. It has also been called orgone and bio plasma.

Reiki is light energy that animates every living thing. When something is alive, life force is circulating through it. When it dies, the life force dissipates.  

The Reiki Practitioner taps into an unlimited source of universal life force energy by placing their hands in various different positions on the body and transmitting radiant light energy to the client. This energy is channelled through the practitioner from the universe so they never use their own personal energy. Reiki helps to disperse energy blockages within the body, allowing it to flow freely and stimulating the body's natural ability to heal itself. Very often during a treatment people experience a sensation of warmth, heat or a subtle vibration. 

As well as being a therapy in its own right, Reiki can be included to enhance other treatments where needed.


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