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Price List


1st consultation fee     



Aromatherapy Massage     



Aromatherapy Massage (can include other therapies). 1¼


Aromatherapy Massage   

(this can include Reiki or Reflexology or other therapies) 



Aroma/bodywork - massage and bodywork combination*A merging of therapies to suit you as an individual. Flowing, nurturing but also   and lymphatic.  Can include therapeutic massage/aromatherapy that includes Reiki/Reflexology for example.  Please phone me for more detail.



Bowen Therapy    









Lymphatic Massage/Bowen TMJ procedure  tinnitus, TMJ dysfunction (Jaw problems), sinusitis and any kind of congestion, allergies etc    




Choose any therapy or combinations of therapies that suit the price of your voucher.  Please ring me for details and more information.

Gift certificates available in £5, £10, £20, £25, £35, £40, £45 and £55.


See 'Special offers' page for gift ideas 


Creams and oils can be made up for you individually to compliment any treatment you may have for example Rose Otto Face Cream and Anti-inflammatory cream, sinus cream etc.

All treatments can be combined to suit you individual needs.  This can be discussed before the treatment. Creams, oils and face packs can also be designed specifically for you. Many combinations of treatments are available.  Please ring to find out more.

Before your treatment:

Wear loose casual clothing. It is best not to wear perfume/aftershave, deodorant sprays or other chemicals that hinder the healing process. Try to drink some water. If you do eat, have a very light meal.  Give yourself plenty of travelling time so you don't feel rushed. Be ready to have time for you.

After your treatment: 

It is worth thinking what you are doing after your treatment. Your body is in healing mode. So avoid heavy lifting, hectic sports activities and stressful situations.  Make space to relax and allow your body and mind to assimilate what has happened during your treatment.  If you feel tired, rest, drink plenty of pure water, have a light meal later.  Sleep if that is what your body is telling you.  Chill out, take time for yourself, have a gentle walk. Do what feeds your heart.  Your body is processing, healing and  most likely de-toxifying after the treatment..  Leave the game of squash, strenuous activities or climbing Ben Nevis for another time.


Opening times

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 7pm.  Saturday 9.30am to 1pm. Sunday - Closed 

Payment method - cash, cheque or BACS

 For more information see:

Frequently asked questions and Special offers

Terms and conditions


For Appointment or Enquiries

Tel: Warrington (01925) - 634518




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