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Frequently Asked Questions



What does the consultation entail?

This includes a brief medical history, dietary advise and beneficial supplements, analysis of postural alignment, advise on specific simple exercises and any other helpful information you may need. Anything you can so will enhance the effectiveness of your treatment and this information will be written down for you to take with you when you go.

How many treatments?

The number of treatments will vary for each individual person and this will be easier to judge after seeing how you respond to the first or second treatment.  Bare in mind that healing is a ‘process’ and needs to take place in its own time.


In this case, you may require more treatments as Reflexology is working on the body’s systems via the nervous system and acupuncture meridians ‘indirectly’.  Observing the ‘process’, as the body changes will give me a better idea as I see how you are responding to each treatment.  This applies to other therapies as well

Bowen Technique

In order to obtain the full benefit it advisable to have two treatments within seven days of each other. The progress and changes in the body after the first treatment need to be observed and taken further to resolve your condition.  If you suffer from long term illness, stokes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis etc, you may require several treatments and will benefit from ‘top up’ treatments when required. 

Aromatherapy and Reiki

I would advise that you come for treatments and see how you feel after the first or second one.  Healing is a process and I need to see how you respond to the first treatment in order to have some idea how many you may need.  As everyone is an individual, it is wise to go with the flow.  After resolution of a particular problem most of my clients choose to come for maintenance treatments to keep supple and relaxed and in the case of people who partake in the sports field, this can prevent reoccurring injuries and have a positive effect on their performance.

What should I wear for treatment:

Wear comfortable casual clothing.  If you are having Aromatherapy its advisable to not be wearing your best clothes.  If you are coming straight from work you could bring a change of clothes for after the treatment.

Bowen Therapy can be done through loose clothing, however I feel that its best if possible to be able to feel the tone and texture of the skin during treatments, to note changes. This enables me  to 'see' what needs to be done as the treatment progresses.

Reflexology does not require you to remove any clothing except for shoe's and socks.

For Reiki you remain fully clothed apart from removing shoes.

Am I covered during a treatment? 

Yes.  During massage or Bowen treatments you are covered with towels for modesty's sake and for comfort and warmth.  I only uncover the body part that is being treated as I go along.

Do I need to check with my Doctor before coming for treatment?

Please phone me and tell me if you have a serious health condition, for example Heart disease, or any other illness that you are concerned about.  I go through this during the consultation, but in some cases it is wise to check with your GP or specialist 'before' coming for a treatment.

The importance of Water and therapy

For treatment to have the best effect I advise people to drink water.  Its very important to be hydrated before and after treatments.  This is particularly of importance when you have Bowen Therapy (although all therapies benefit from water).

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a booking, please let me know within 24hrs.  This will enable other clients the chance to take the appointment you can't make.  If you only let me know ON the day of your appointment, the fee for your appointment will be payable. 

Opening times:

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 7pm.  Saturday 9.30am to 1pm. Sunday - Closed 

Payment method - cash, cheque or BACS


For Appointment or Enquiries

Tel: Warrington (01925) - 634518




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