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Bowen Therapy


Bowen Technique was developed by Australian bodywork therapist Tom Bowen. It integrates structural and soft tissue changes by stimulating the central, peripheral autonomic nervous systems, restoring the structural integrity of the body. It allows the body to reintegrate on many levels so that a process of healing can take place. 

Conditions that have been reported to respond to Bowen Technique

Acute and chronic pain this includes back, neck, shoulder, legs ~ ankle and foot problems ~ facial pain ~ headaches ~ migraines ~ sinusitis ~ digestive problems ~ menstrual problems ~ infertility ~ breast problems ~ prostate problems ~ groin strain ~ frozen shoulder ~ tennis elbow ~ shorter leg discrepancies and pelvic problems ~ TMJ (jaw problems) ~  ankle  and foot problems ~ knee and hamstrings ~ groin pain ~ and respiratory disorders ~  sciatica, stress, insomnia, general body balance.

Sharon has been a Bowen Technique Therapist for 14 years and has completed advanced training including Max Walkers Bowen Extensions.

Brief History

Tom Bowen developed this remarkable technique in the ‘50s.  Through observation he noticed that unusual relationships existed between certain health complaints and particular patterns of muscular dysfunction his patients presented. After intense research he developed his own unique system whereby myofascial ‘moves’ brought about long term corrections to muscular dysfunction and other health complaints. He referred to this as ‘soft tissue’ therapy. 

Tom Bowen treated approximately 13,000 people per year, with amazing success. He also had great success treating animals especially race horses and greyhounds.    

 Philosophy and Application


Bowen Technique works by releasing the neuromuscular imbalances throughout the body. If these imbalances are released, the body can regulate itself and in the process pain and symptoms disappear and energy levels are restored to normal. 

Tom Bowen found that if all muscular imbalances could be released, then the body would regulate itself, and in this process pain and symptoms would vanish and energy levels would increase. By stimulating the body in a very specific way its innate intelligence could begin a process of ‘unraveling’ which could take from 5 to 7 days as the body lets go of its holding patterns. I find that this varies but on average usually takes 2 – 4 days.

What can be felt?

During a treatment some people feel body ache’s move from one place to another.  They may have emotional release or sweating, but always report a deep sense of relaxation and change taking place.

The Bowen treatment may take up to 1hr and involves a series of light cross fibre moves with thumbs and fingers across muscle’s, tendons and ligaments. Between these specific moves, 2 minute breaks are taken whereby the therapist leaves the room.  This allows the body to respond to the work that has been done. By leaving these spaces the body can let go of blockages and re-align itself. During the treatment people may feel ‘surges’ of energy, tingling or twitching as the body lets go of tension. After the treatment most people say they feel light and deeply relaxed.


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